Are We Co-existing With Aliens?

We are not unfamiliar with what Area 51 stands for or the different names the military base has, such as Dreamland or Groom Lake. Two years ago, I viewed a video uploaded by NASA, or so YouTube claims, in which an Alien was interviewed by an interviewer. I have always wondered if aliens existed only in Nevada, which is located 90 miles north of Las Vegas. In one of my previous blogs on the subject, I have revealed my convictions that if aliens visited earth in the 21st century they would assume the  form of human beings to mingle easily with us and to study our planet, us and our roles and responsiblities in different fields. Weird or stranger things happening around us have often infuenced me to think that we have begun to co-exist with aliens.

Recently, I had the opportunity of viewing a tamil film titled ‘Super Deluxe’ directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja and featuring Vijay Sethupathi, Fahadh Faasil, Samantha Akkineni etc. After viewing the film, I found myself in deep thought trying to figure what exactly the director of the film was trying to communicate to viewers through one of the four subplots woven into the film. Is he suggesting that we are co-existing with aliens? Or is coexistence with aliens an inevitability?

One cannot deny the existence of alien portals as NASA had announced the discovery of alien portals in the magnetic field of Earth in 2012. Have we been unsuccessful in blocking the space portals which seems to be serving as superhighways for aliens to find their way into Earth conveniently despite scientific and technological advancements?

It is a scary thought that we would soon come face to face with our own replicas. Would the replicas eventually destroy the originals? Should we rule out the possibility of harmonious existence? Would life in Mars be possible only if we embrace the aliens, especially when we run out of resources on Earth? Things to ponder!

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