No Gain Without Pain!

Trips! Journey! Travel! Whether short or long requires deliberate planning and careful packing. We know that advance booking reduces the stress and makes us more organised. A short trip for a professional development program at a venue of historical significance, Sydney Olympic Park sounded like lots of fun and sight seeing as the venue was surrounded by Sydney Olympic Aquatic centre, ANZ Stadium, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Athletic Centre, Archery centre etc.

Being a Sydney inhabitant, I could remark confidently that the venue is not far far away from the current suburb in which I am residing. However, the number of times I would be driving back and forth from home to my current school  then from there to the professional development venue and back to my residence  and my current health condition influenced me to book a standard room with twin beds at ibis Budget and a taxi for departure on the allocated day.  All I needed to organise the trip was my laptop, internet and a credit card.  

Packing for just four days was not as easy as I imagined. The list seemed endless which comprised of  dresses, pyjamas, underclothes, slips, footwear, toothbrush, paste, Listrene,  laptop, charger, pocket WIFI, phones, chargers, hair straightener, wallet, hairspray, perfume, deodorant, make up kit, medicines, reading glasses and cleaning spray, car keys, house keys, son’s T-shirts, shorts, pants, underclothes, shoes, pyjamas, hat, documents, hairbrush etc. Finally, when the list was done, I realised that I needed the right luggage that is convenient for transportation purposes. I rushed to Strandbags and was satisfied with my purchases as the sale had brought down the prices considerably. I was compelled to shop for a few items in the above-mentioned list due to seasonal changes and as summer demanded a different wardrobe collection. Informing the concerned authorities at workplace and the people in charge of the property found its place in the ‘To do List’.

I wondered how people tirelessly go on trips. Despite the pains associated with travel, I suppose it is the experience and a sort of adventure that makes any journey rewarding for travellers.   

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