Is Customer Service still the Lifeblood of any Business?

Star-crossed? Must be. How else could I explain my tendency to gravitate towards weirdness. My efforts to attend a conference ended in failure as I lost my way and despite several detours could not get to the venue. To make matters worse my vehicle had a flat tyre rendering it impossible to continue the journey.... Continue Reading →

Bewitched and Swindled!

The clock struck 4:00 pm. The motor driven chariot I had booked online for my transportation to the Australian Society of Author’s socialising ball had failed to arrive on time. There was no message from the charioteer, as was the norm, requesting me to be ready for pick up. For some weird reason I had... Continue Reading →

A Feel Good Digression

SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK - ANZ The much-awaited time arrived. 13 Cabs scored for punctuality and in less than 40 minutes the cab slid smoothly along the length of ibis Budget and came to a halt at the corner of Edwin Flack Avenue and Dawn Fraser Avenue. Crossed hurdle No 1 I thought to myself as... Continue Reading →

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