My Third Book – I am Audacious

I started ‘A Writer’s Exposé’ to speak my unflinching mind. As political issues are not my cup of tea, I started to blog about various social issues that impacted on individuals from all walks of life. Unpredictable situations in life that contributed to my existential angst influenced me to ramble about my experiences on my blog site, which had a therapeutic effect on me. A few psychiatrists recommended to victims of trauma the exercise of penning down every detail of the traumatic event and the victims destroyed their suffering which fed on their identity. An unwilling participant in stressful events, I felt powerless to cope with life’s issues which haunted and overwhelmed me on emotional, physical and psychological levels. I did not feel as victimised as before and could function with a liberated mind and achieve happiness when I read and re-read my blogs though imperfect. Contrary to the widespread belief that human beings love to be miserable and suffer, I realised that there is a choice or a substitute for suffering. My choice is to write and blog. Welcome to my kingdom! I am the Queen of Audacity.

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