A Life Without Toilet Rolls

Wednesday being the pay day, on receiving my fortnightly pay, I decided to shop earlier than usual to solve the mystery of the missing toilet paper rolls from the shopping aisles in Coles as I had not seen one for more than a month. Every time I visited Coles for an item or few things... Continue Reading →

Age with Dignity

The clock struck twelve. Ready to dig into a caramel flavoured sponged cake, I advanced towards the coffee table in the living room when I heard my only offspring yell out for the nth time “Happy Birthday to you…” and he added that I had turned 46 years old and was running on 47 .... Continue Reading →

Work From Home

"I thought you are not going to work today. Why are you dressed to go out?" I laugh at the confusion on my only offspring's face and explain to him that I was following the protocol of working from home as the need to use collaborative platforms makes appropriate dress code expedient. With social distancing... Continue Reading →

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