This part of my life is called ‘Searching’

After a period of unexplained prolonged absence from my blogsite, afflicted by a few assessments one after the other, I eventually found time to share my random thoughts with a few virtual friends who might accidentally stray on to my corner. My ‘Searching’ commenced with my struggles to find time for my pursuits which could appear as frivolous to others. While working on my assessments, I spent countless hours searching for scholarly articles from journal databases and for resources from popular web-based services both for content and for citation purposes.

Move to a new educational institution also meant new texts to teach to learners hitherto unseen. It so happened that my entry was at a time when the faculty had selected Aneesh Chaganty’s psychological tech thriller ‘Searching’ as a core text for Stage 6 learners. Being addicted to novel concepts and fresh outlooks, I was not disappointed and sat with my eyes glued to the screen from the beginning till the end of the film. This paved the way for another search – searching for resources, teaching and learning activities and techniques for further exploration of the text.

Being the ranting and raving individual, I am, any trigger or catalyst is enough to cause emotional turbulence in me and my search for answers to unsolved puzzles in life begins. Call it meaninglessness of existence, absurdity or existential angst, my efforts to search for factors responsible for my current predicament usually leaves me drained of energy and elicits a torrent of curses that I magnanimously shower on my friends, family, foe and the world. Finding consolation in the belief that poetic justice will be restored, I cruise through days and weeks.

Trying to establish routines, these days I spend time searching for ideas for my next book which is in its birth stage with 2000+ words ready for a chapter and for editing. Sharing a few noteworthy searches from an extensive list with you, I realise that consciously or unconsciously searching has become a second nature to human beings. Good luck with your searches and before I conclude I would like to share a saying with you.

“Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be.” –  Robert Brault

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