Cyber Torture – the outcome of opening Pandora’s box?

Ever since my first book ‘Pneuma’, I kept track of the latest developments in the field of Nano technology mind control chip by frequenting  a specific website for which the search language I usually use is, “Nano technology mind control chip (CACH) Sweden.” I have also stumbled upon other interesting scientific advancements such as Brain... Continue Reading →

Life is Still Beautiful!

We are not unfamiliar with the notion that art and literature of a period reflects the characteristics of the age during which it was created or composed.  With the advent of the pandemic, creative people shouldered with the responsibility of presenting the manifestations of truth to their responders have not shied away from capturing the... Continue Reading →

Closed Door Meetings – A strategy to suppress rebellion or a political act to achieve their vested interests?

Being subjected to a few closed meetings in different institutions, I have realised more than anyone the treachery behind this tactic; a tactic usually sprung on the victims without any warning to minimise their chances of preparedness. The purpose of these meetings is to sort out disagreements through discussions contrary to the expectations of the... Continue Reading →

A Physical Object of Significance

Never thought a gift by a relative would gain such significance at short notice.  As I am a full-time online student of Post Graduate Diploma in Information and Library Studies at Curtin University, Conservation and Preservation is one of the enrolled courses in which I must perform to the best of my ability. As a... Continue Reading →

Highly educated and unemployed

A roller coaster ride of approximately fifteen years. Victimized by evil forces with vested interests, sabotaged, interfered with and misrepresented. Assassinated by character assassins. Professional commitment, continuous professional development, successful cross KLA student projects will not suffice. Divide and rule policy won; analogous with Lord Mountbatten's feat of partitioning the country into India and Pakistan... Continue Reading →

Beware of Power Whores!

Societal changes, modernization and the urge to be known as influential has turned many a promiscuous woman slipping into the convenient role of a VIP’s whore as a short cut to becoming successful, rich and powerful. Using a whore’s status to wield power over the weak, vulnerable, sensitive and industrious subordinates or colleagues is fashionable.... Continue Reading →

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