Beware of Power Whores!

Societal changes, modernization and the urge to be known as influential has turned many a promiscuous woman slipping into the convenient role of a VIP’s whore as a short cut to becoming successful, rich and powerful. Using a whore’s status to wield power over the weak, vulnerable, sensitive and industrious subordinates or colleagues is fashionable. Victimized by one or a few such I am confused about the connotation of leadership, which most reliable sources define “as the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.”

At workplaces, the recent trend for the ambitious is, once they become the whore of the boss, to use the art of cunning and manipulation besides political acts to exercise control over the staff members who represent that organization. With this move, the whore transforms herself into a power whore without whose knowledge or permission her victim dares not venture into an adventurous realm of her own. It would not be a hyperbolic statement if I stated that she genuinely labours under the illusion that the world spins on its axis only because she permits it.

Having drawn your attention to this flourishing trend, I wouldn’t be doing justice if I fail to say a word or two about the hypocritical men who, otherwise have problem accepting powerful women as their partners, have no issues raising their whores to the pedestal of glory or the top wrung of a ladder and being eulogized for it. Paradox of life. Indeed!     

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