Highly educated and unemployed

A roller coaster ride of approximately fifteen years. Victimized by evil forces with vested interests, sabotaged, interfered with and misrepresented. Assassinated by character assassins. Professional commitment, continuous professional development, successful cross KLA student projects will not suffice. Divide and rule policy won; analogous with Lord Mountbatten’s feat of partitioning the country into India and Pakistan before quitting.

Professional jealousy took an ugly turn. Words were twisted and manipulated beyond truth. A teacher is forbidden from writing according to the insecure, inefficient, non-achievers and the ignoramus. Resignation, Employment Separation from the education industry, were the only escape route from defamation and slipping into oblivion.

Pursuing a new found passion depending on Australian Government’s income support until the Wheel of Fortune favours me. Waiting to be reborn! Reincarnated!

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