Where do the Indian diaspora or Indian Australians go for authentic Indian taste?

Recent relocation to Mount Druitt was initiated by pay cuts which the concerned authorities, instead of resolving the issues, imposed a pay without any roles and responsibilities or job description attached to it. In a week’s time I was reduced from full time permanent to “god-knows-what” to a casual staff with conditional approval and Band 2 pay following my resignation. To survive this period of financial hardship or unemployment, adopting a policy of minimalism, I moved into a low-rent unit (a reduction by more than 50%), which though looked like a fall in the standard of living initially, turned out alright with better space management.

A huge consolation to this unexpected turn of events is the availability of Indian restaurants in and around the area besides the proximity of Westfield shopping center and other landmarks and Indian Australians. However, like all the other places, Punjabi sweets despite having variety and taste, had items on the menu that are best suited for Australian palate. Mild spices and reduced level of salt deprived the dishes off its authentic taste. I have been their ardent customer for 3 or 4 times and have had the opportunity to try out different dishes most of which I genuinely relished, however left me with the yearning for authentic Indian taste.

Accustomed to one’s own cooking leaves one with the desire for a change of taste. Hectic schedules’ days, in my case, assessment deadlines and on drinking days, I have cooking-free days when I prefer to order food. If you are resisting the urge to point out that cooking as per recipes could provide me with, the genuine authentic taste that I am so desperately craving for, please do not. I am aware and have considered that option. If the art of cooking can be mastered by all, why would people eat out? Residing in Australia for approximately eighteen years, my trips to many Indian restaurants in different suburbs, have compelled me to request for ‘hot’ or ‘extremely hot’ for the spice level in the ordered dishes. Restaurants give the impression that spice levels have been adjusted but fail to recreate the authentic Indian taste.

Indian restaurant owners, keen on expanding their business and flourishing in the industry, must find a way to address this genuine need.

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