Cyber Torture – the outcome of opening Pandora’s box?

Ever since my first book ‘Pneuma’, I kept track of the latest developments in the field of Nano technology mind control chip by frequenting  a specific website for which the search language I usually use is, “Nano technology mind control chip (CACH) Sweden.” I have also stumbled upon other interesting scientific advancements such as Brain Computer Interface which explains how computer can control another person’s brain both for constructive and destructive purposes, Bluetooth activated amplified voice signals sent via phones etc. about which I have blogged previously on my blogsite.

Recently, when I accessed the website, a few terms arrested my attention -psychological torture, cyber torture etc. and I continued to read only to discover that this method of torture, aimed at breaking the mind of the individual, eventually leads to (as per the website), “loss of livelihood, loss of social circle and loss of well-being on good people. All to satisfy the ‘criminal minds.’”

Did Elon Musk open the Pandora’s box and unleash many evils upon the world in his search for a few good by hacking into the human brain?

I continue to read further and this time my attention was arrested by another phrase “targeted individuals” and the name that is associated with the study of psychological torture is Professor Nils Melzer. While I appreciate the pioneer’s attempt to expose the “enemies of our freedom,” I wondered what his selection criteria was to choose the “targeted individuals” referred to as TIs. The cancellation of Professor Melzer’s (an expert in International Law and a holder of the Human Rights chair at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights) funding and the loss of his investigative team made me wonder what happened to the TIs.

If cyber technology has employed (in the way as stated on the website) “electromagnetic radiation, radar and surveillance technology” to transfer sounds and thoughts into people’s brain, then the TI’s who suffered from a lack of livelihood, social circles as a result of experimental research or torture should have been compensated. Were all the TIs compensated?

Another question that plagued me was, “How are these sounds, and thoughts (induced into people’s brains) recorded? Are people employed to leave short phrases on mobile phones based on the information obtained from spying on the individuals? I could suggest a few expressions – “…why I believe?”, “We have been through this”, “What’s with the assessment and all?”, “We would do you and you would do us.”, “…because…”, “There is nothing you can do about this…”, “I will become you.”, “You will lose your job”, “You will amount to nothing” , “Prove it” etc.

While this no-touch torture or brain-machine interface has been labelled as, “degrading treatment”, “cyber terrorism” there is no mention of how the TIs with no visible marks of harm on them have been taken care of or what alternative arrangements have been provided to those who have been targeted remotely through bullying, intimidation and harassment, considering the fact that they would be unfit for the normal activities in the world. If cyber technology is using communication devices like radio to damage human memory, to spy on them without their consent, and create another cyber copy of the TIs, would it be possible for the cyber copies to enter our world as there is remarkable progress in the area of 3D Printing making the printing of human body parts possible.

I have mentioned in my previous blogs on such subjects that the torturer is able to experience and see the world through the TIs eyes. If the cyber copies of the TIs succeed in breaking the physical barriers of the simulation world and enter the human world like the agents in the film ‘The Matrix’ (an idea taken from the website) what would happen to the TIs. Would they be allowed to coexist with the cyber copies? Is this the shortcut to immortality? Would the human targeted individuals be murdered? Is cyber technology assisting the aliens to take over the human world? Is this an attempt to create Elysium or Elysian Fields on Earth? Elysium, a place known for the blessed dead; the dead heroes on whom the Gods had bestowed immortality. Is Utopia, where there would be no sickness or death, being established?

Food for thought! If you like to hear Professor Melzer you could access the video by clicking on the link given below

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