A Logical Fallacy?

After a rather teary emotional outburst on sighting a National Police check certificate, in between sips of wine and take away food from SpiceZone, which I am not sure is fit for the kings but it is called Maharajah thaali, I gave vent to all the pent up rage, frustration and disappointment, and due to the long gap between breakfast and the lunch I could not help devouring the food within seconds despite my state of mind. Feeling intoxicated, I drowned my sorrows in loud melodious music until I retired for the night in exhaustion. The next day morning, feeling more resolute than ever, I drafted an email to dispute the security check and attached a dispute form to which I received a response two days later which left me feeling more idiotic than ever. The recipient of my email pointed out that it was my choice for a section on the application that was responsible for the outcome on the National Police check certificate and I had no one but myself to blame for it. I would have dismissed the explanation provided as inaccurate had I not taken the trouble to open the application. When I realised that what the recipient had pointed out was correct, I felt witless. On previous occasions, I had filled many applications for different certificates but not all the responses on those applications showed as it is on the certificates issued. How was I to know that my response for certain questions would appear the way it did on the clearance certificate?

I was looking forward to receiving a Police check certificate that the institution to which the university could send me as a practicum student would accept without any issues, the employers related to GLAM industry would have no issues with and one that would project me as a law-abiding citizen. I was advised to apply for a new one If I desired a change in detail. I had opted for a voluntary check and I could afford to wait until I was appointed to a place and I know the title of the position. As I had no time to ruminate about the security check due to assessment schedules for the second semester, I pushed it to the back of my mind and focused on other priorities.  

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