Public transportation has become adventurous after a prolonged period of confinement within the walls of my humble abode. Short trips to Westfield in my Hybrid or one-hour walks exploring Mount Druitt and neighboring suburbs suddenly seemed uninteresting. Besides professional development through collaborative platforms, job seeking ventures, lethargic lifestyle, which is becoming a dangerous habit, my longing to be a part of the hustle-bustle of Sydney was satisfied in the form of interview opportunities. Educational institutions have become a thing of the past. I am climbing up and down the stairs of council buildings these days – Northern Beaches, Blacktown, Georges River etc., the venues for my interviews following my successful applications for various roles in the GLAM sector, especially in the libraries.

Topping up my Opal card, dragging my backpack with wheels by its handle, dressed in casual appropriate wear, I boarded the trains and sat where a green circular sticker with a white tick on it was pasted. COVID restrictions and social distancing I thought to myself. Gazing through the window of the modernized train, occasionally checking the order of stops on the digital display screen inside the compartment, recalling the answers for the most frequently asked interview questions in the STAR or CAR model while staring distractedly at suburban scenes that whizzed past, I reached my destination eventually. Sometimes the journey ended when I alighted from one train and at other times, I was required to change trains to reach my interviewers waiting for me at the venue. Did I leave out the five to ten minutes’ walk?

9 Job Interview Tips: How to Set Yourself Up for Success and Land the Job (thewerklife.com)

Each interview experience was distinctive with unique questioning techniques or activities thrown in to assess the interviewee’s true abilities. During the thirty to forty-five minutes, I never had any problems answering the questions but whether or not the responses were what the panel expected to hear from me would be a different matter altogether. However, on its completion, I made it a point to utilize the opportunity to explore the nearby shopping mall and have something to eat or drink before I planned my return journey. Exhaustion dimmed the excitement on the reverse trip. To most, I may come across as someone wandering aimlessly, however, I can assure you that I am on a mission.

Years ago, when I taught ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ to Preliminary students for the Area of Study ‘Quest’, I did not picture myself in Gardner’s position, attending job interviews.

Although I wouldn’t mind if this part of my life ends like the film. Shockingly wealthy!

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