Entering deep waters sans fathoming depths

If my readers are wondering about the reason or cause for my virtual disappearance, you don’t have to wade through the tunnel of darkness for long or imagine the worst scenarios. The temporary absence is because of too many things on my plate; particularly one hundred and twenty-five hours of Business Administration Skills. A course jampacked with assessments; this besides the usual applications for the required number of jobs before a reporting period ends, interviews and professional development be it RIMPA or other.

My journey on online TAFE began with organizing schedules. Boy was I duped by the simplicity of the tasks. Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Microsoft Teams … piece of cake! It didn’t take long for me to realize that entertaining such a thought was an error of judgement. Not only were the tasks time consuming but emphasized on making the unused functionalities of Microsoft 365 Apps with reference to a specific style guide of an organization for each task and how-to-do downloadable instructions.

When we become a part of events that could be dubbed as “near perfection”, we are not entirely clueless about the extent of organization that contribute towards its success. However, organizing schedules opened a new world to me almost like a portal from a Sci-fi movie or series. Gathering information for new schedules through effective questioning using communication platforms or tools to confirm meeting venues, dates, time, number of attendees, equipment requirements, catering etc., to remind and accommodate last minute changes besides recording it on Outlook/Calendar require great skill. The preparation that went into a voice call component of an assessment task compelled me to rethink my views.

Moreover, never have I been obsessed with ergonomics, resources and energy conservation. My pursuits in the digital world, which might appear frivolous to others yet significant to me, are not possible without spending lengthy hours before a computer at a home-based workstation. I find asking myself if I had taken a five minutes break for every thirty minutes I spend at the table. Right now, I am scribbling on one side of used paper and working on improving my energy/resources conversation strategies.

It is an undeniable truth that knowledge is as vast as the ocean and there are limitless things to learn provided you have the thirst for learning.

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