A Moral Dilemma

α, β, γ, δ, λ known as letters of the Greek alphabet, symbols and/or concepts for ages are now known as variants of COVID-19 with Delta being the deadliest with its ability to overpower other strains and melt into the human cells. Under the circumstances, with almost two months extended lockdown in Sydney as new cases continue to emerge by every hour, ‘To be vaccinated or not to?’ is the classic question. Vaccination seems to be the only solution to conquer this life-threatening problem as recommended by health departments, doctors, and politicians universally because natural immunity that comes with any infection, which usually leaves the body’s defense mechanism strong, lacks the capacity to protect the body from the variants and hence the emphasis on vaccine immunity.   

If I must listen to the dictates of common sense, I must be listening to people who have our best interests at heart. However, research on the vaccines that are currently available, especially with media constantly drawing our attention to the side effects of these vaccines such as blood clots, heart inflammation etc. and the death of a few senior citizens either after being infected with COVID-19 or whose body did not benefit from the vaccine- guaranteed-immunity confuses people. My inquiry about Pfizer to the local General Practitioner, which the medical center claimed to be out-of-stock, was reciprocated with information about the availability of AstraZeneca and its administration in surgery. A consultation with my only offspring did not go well as he protested vehemently against vaccination either from fear of losing me or from being misled by news reports about the myriad side effects. His reaction influenced dissuaded me from choosing the recommended vaccine. The negative reports, in comparison to the information about innumerable people who have been vaccinated successfully, not excluding the list of celebrities, convey the impression that the issues were blown out of proportion.


As ‘Stay-at-home’ is in place, unless it is an absolute necessity for an individual to leave the safety of home, I have more time on my hands to decide in favor or against the vaccine. It is a hard decision to make, especially when vaccination is associated with social responsibility and one’s duty towards the community in which we live. By vaccinating, I will not only be vanquishing the efforts of this villainous variant to infect me with this deathly disease, but I will be ensuring that I don’t infect others in the community with this contagious virus. Opting for the vaccine and not are both risky decisions. Do we really have a choice?

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