One of the settings I have included in my current project ‘The Esoteric Elan of Chargee d’ affairs’, [which as I mentioned in the previous blog will undergo a change in title because of significant changes made to the plot and because of the tendency of hackers and thieving members of the books and publishing industry or the vanity press to register a title in a different country before the book is released or launched by its original creator], is La Campagne à Paris which situated in the twentieth arrondissement was established by Pastor Sully Lombard in 1907 for the working class families.

Having visited this haven of peace virtually, the outcome of my research for a countryside area closer to the maddeningly busy city of Paris, I learnt about this small neighborhood comprising ninety-two brick or millstone houses with individual gardens contributing to its idyllic ambience. A tour of the attached video would prove in minutes that the name given to this secret locale which translates to ‘the countryside in Paris’ is apt and to this day, this place perched on top of a hill, has retained its unique beauty and laid-back lifestyle that it continues to attract both French and international tourists in search of rare and extravagant destinations.

My research proves that one of the highly recommended ways of reaching this place of historical significance, to enjoy the spirit and the picturesqueness it offers, is by foot. Hopping off a train from Porte Bagnolet Metro station, the walk commences from Place Edith Piaf through a stairway which leads to the cobblestone street of rue Irénée Blanc and to other streets like rue Jules Siegfried. I contended myself with choosing rue Jules Siegfried as a minor character’s location in the book as the houses with its walls decked with flowering plants and streets covered with flagstones appealed to me.

The stairs leading to rue Irénée Blanc © French Moments
…Copyright © French Moments Ltd unless otherwise stated. Read more at https://frenchmoments.eu/la-campagne-a-paris/ .

La Campagne à Paris attracted not only tourists but authors, illustrators, film directors and screen writers such as  René Goscinny, Jean-Jacques Sempé, and Laurent Tirard, names associated with Little Nicholas or Le Petit Nicolas. My choice of this hidden gem hence justified.

The copyright law and act has averted my fears about registration of my titles in different countries or different states of Australia. “In Australia, copyright applies to both published and unpublished works, and protection is automatic as long as certain basic requirements are met. There is no copyright registration process, and an individual does not need to claim copyright by including the copyright symbol and their name on a work (such as © Author Name 2015). Copyright is not dependent on aesthetic or literary merit and protects materials that are utilitarian, short or mundane.” The basic requirements mentioned in the section of the Copyright law quoted above refers to ISBN requirements which are very strict and I have already protected my current and upcoming projects with Thorpe Bowker ISBNs as all Australian authors must and these are associated with my self-publishing company WORDMAGIC PUBLISHING.      



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