Unexacting inamorato: risking romantic relationships for personal choices


I am not an alcoholic and my plea to be exempted from judgementalism, when I boldly state that alcohol is the best lover, I have ever had, must not be dismissed as insignificant because of the succeeding reasons. He has never disappointed me and has never failed to give me a good time. Emotional unavailability has never been an issue with him ever since the ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘no strings attached’ dalliance commenced.

Romantic evenings in each other’s company, enjoying candlelit dinners, and choosing the perfect entertainment for the evenings are anticipated pleasures I look forward to as he values my preferences over his own and shuns situations that could lead to dissensions. These evenings usually begin with the much-anticipated kiss leaving me quivering and desiring for more. As his warm caresses continue, I drown in the pleasures of intoxication and my efforts to surface and resurface each time is gently squashed. I willingly surrender to the overwhelming ecstatic feeling that leave me flushed and famished. The tastefully prepared spicy food, devoured in the company of my lover heightens my sense of fulfilment making my evenings memorable ones. We basked in the glory of each other’s company until Morpheus claimed our beings.

Few extended weekends because of public holidays such as Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day besides birthday celebrations translated into opportunities for reveling, and hence the eulogizing of a favorite beverage. It’s not an exaggeration when I state that modernization, emancipated lifestyle with emphasis on career choices with the standard working hours’ requirement, and circumstantial necessities have rendered the blossoming of symbiotic relationships almost impossible. Personal gains, material benefits, preference for zero responsibility, and flexible arrangements with no prospects or long-term goals from love relationships, only highlight the modern generation’s aloofness from meaningless alliances and increasing self-orientation.

Although there are varied ways of coping with the self-induced convenience-based lifestyle, the most common one is to keep the company of friends or/and family thereby compensating for the lack of productive man-woman relationships. Ways of the world!


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