A befitting title for a composition on former times

Bloggers and visitors of my blog site were informed in an earlier post about a change in the story line of a forthcoming title which made the original title of the project, ‘The Esoteric Elan of Chargee d’affaires’ an impossibility. The historical fiction’s subplots and the ambiguity revolving around the word ‘elan’ which translated into just ‘life’ when the requirement was ‘lives’, owing to the number of central characters or protagonists, necessitated a change in the title from the initial one to ‘The Esoteric lives of Fleurs de Lys’.


Used as a decorative design or symbol, fleur de lis, also spelt as fleur de lys is known to have a unique French significance with its connections traceable to the French Royal Coat of Arms, the Royal Arms of France’s Iron gate armory (flag), French Catholicism, the saints of France, and the
national emblem of France. Fleur de lys is defined as a six-petaled yellow or golden lily with the three straight petals standing for faith,wisdom and chivalry, and three bent petals often regarded as leaves. Asfar as Christianity in France is concerned, the three straight petals stand for the father, the son, and the Holy spirit.

Acknowledging the source of images – Google images and https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/541487555168296545/ https://irongatearmory.com/product/royal-arms-of-france-fleur-de-lis/ https://www.amazon.com/France-Royal-Country-Display-Shield/dp/B077PRDHTG

A few interesting points that inspired me to include ‘fleurs de lys’ in the title of my fourth book are that the flowers symbolize purity and chastity which explains why Virgin Mary is likened to the ‘flower of the lily’, the flowers are believed to have grown on the banks of a river where Eve
shed tears when God threw her out of the Garden of Eden, the flowers were strewn on the white banner that Joan of Arc carried to the battlefield, the flowers are associated with ideas of femininity, generosity, and the elevated mind besides symbolizing resilience, freedom, everlasting love or the french romance, and being used for many other purposes. Modern jewelers claim that the vintage ‘fluer de lys’ design’s popularity is unquestionable as women continue to place orders for traditionally designed wedding rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc., which prove that they regard ‘fleur de lys’ as a symbol of french pride and esteem.

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