Farewell to a year of diversified escapades!

Welcoming 2023, I indulged in reflective practice, which though known to have many benefits such as taking ownership of one’s actions, choices, and efforts, improving ones’ subjective judgement, identifying areas for improvement of changes, planning for the future, etc., to see the differences between my aspirations and my actual achievements in the year 2022. Unable to follow a timeline, I have taken the liberty to categorize my achievements based on my involvement with professional organizations, professional development, employment opportunities, creative pursuits, and member events.

I would rate 2022 as a productive year because RIMPA Global newsletter had acknowledge me as the first member to have completed all the twenty RIMPA training sessions, had shared my blog in which I had recaptured a branch event I had attended early in the year and had congratulated me for enrolling in Certificate III Business (Records and Information Management); a course in which I had completed 9 units by the end of the year and have four more left to proceed to graduating in the course.

As far as professional development is concerned, I attended an all-day session organized during the Library Information week, participated in a solutions panel discussion as a guest, which was my first live forum experience, during a Sydney based roadshow at the Masonic centre aimed at connecting local businesses, achieved distinction in Certified Information Systems Security Professional (updated), a short course offered by IT Masters, Charles Sturt University, received a certificate of attendance for having engaged with Stephanie Mehta’s ‘The Next normal’.

Unlike other years, I participated in more member events in 2022 such as Colin Simpson lectures, RIMPA GLOBAL NSW branch year ending meeting, Australian Society of Archivists year ending gathering, and librarians’ network Western Sydney South year ending meeting.

My career in Librarianship as NSW Librarian Grade 1 commenced with an employment opportunity at State Library of New South Wales as part of the Published Materials Digital Team in the National e Deposit wing. This short assignment was followed by opportunities with Pearson Assessment Services in varied roles such as Group Leader, 2022 NAPLAN Marking Operations, Test Administrator/Invigilator, and ACARA Item Trial Marking.

My self-employment venture as an author and a self-publisher, gained a unique significance with my print copies, legal deposits, being made available for circulation at the State Library of New South Wales, which can be easily found by searching for my name through the library’s catalogue. With the recent publication of the historical fiction titled ‘The Esoteric Lives of Fleurs de Lys’, I have four books to my credit, each belonging to a different genre, and four National e Deposit numbers which have given me Libraries Australia IDs and have led to the discovery of all the four digital compositions through TROVE, a National Library of Australia Initiative.

December became the highlight of the year with the beginning of my career as Librarian Grade 1, in Technical and Further Education Institutions in a substantive position. Winding up my reflective practice, I am proudly happy to declare that most of my aspirations have materialized. Farewell 2022!         

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