Call it Mental Magic or Psychological Illusion! A few minutes of viewing this psychic entertainer's performance and absorbing what he had to convey, enhanced my curiosity about this art or theory called 'Mentalism'. It is a performing art in which the practitioners use highly developed intuitive abilities to focus on others perception and thought processes; in other words they are mind... Continue Reading →

Creativity: A Taboo for Educators?

Did you know that it is fashionable to talk about creativity nowadays? Creativity is emphasised in every walk of life, including Education. However, educators who demonstrate creativity outside their classrooms or school environment, for some unthinkable reason, are regarded as wrong doers. Teachers who are creative writers often receive cold shoulder treatment and are intimidated... Continue Reading →

Nagging Women at 26/27

Contented women in long relationships become suddenly nagging women when they near 26 or 27 years of age or so I have heard from experts on the subject of man-woman relationships. From reliable sources, I have heard that men prefer to break their relationship with women who compel or coerce them into walking the latter... Continue Reading →

Dehumanisation: A Fallacy

The Advertising world has been accused of dehumanising women. Near nude or skimpily clad images (mostly or should I say only of women) have been used by advertising companies to promote all sorts of products irrespective of the fact whether the product requires nudity of the fairer sex. Videos degrading women have gained popularity in... Continue Reading →

Copyright? A necessity?

A few days ago, I was fortunate to have received a free ticket to attend the Member First event organised by Copyright Agency at Tom Keneally Centre in the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts building; one of the benefits I received as a recently joined publisher member of the Copyright Agency. While listening to the... Continue Reading →

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