No Gain Without Pain!

Trips! Journey! Travel! Whether short or long requires deliberate planning and careful packing. We know that advance booking reduces the stress and makes us more organised. A short trip for a professional development program at a venue of historical significance, Sydney Olympic Park sounded like lots of fun and sight seeing as the venue was... Continue Reading →

Dating Not a Fantasy Anymore

One evening when I returned from work and accessed the mailbox to check if there were any letters, notifications etc. I noticed a colourful flyer which arrested my attention. It was about Muslim dating. I was a little amused at first. Australian culture permits dating at the age of 16 and hence it is not... Continue Reading →

Myths about Race, Colour and Creed

Ever since I migrated to Australia in 2003, I am accustomed to and tired of hearing myths about people belonging to different race, colour and creed. I must make honest admissions about my subjectivity before I ramble on about the status quo. Societies or people around me have a significant role in influencing me to... Continue Reading →

Rising Representation in a Risky Realm

Confident women are exerting themselves in the political arena. While it is not a surprise to hear about leading politicians being women in different countries in the world, it is the 11.7% in the Lok Sabha and 11% in the Rajya Sabha representation that is noteworthy in the Indian Parliament. The marginal difference is not... Continue Reading →

Are You Kidding?

Idolising celebrities is not an unfamiliar occurrence as we know that there are millions of crazy fans who would lay their lives down for their favourite heroes or heroines. Should the fans be blinded by the glitterati to such an extent that even humorous observations fetch scathing attacks from them? Can't they take a joke?... Continue Reading →

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