New Year Resolutions lead to Transitions

New Year Resolutions' lead to transitions Unwilling to let go of the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions, it being the 31st of December I pondered about the improvements I had to make in the forthcoming year 2018. As I was preparing a list of things that I had to let go and things that I... Continue Reading →

The Significance of Tradition

When we think of festivities, besides many other constituents, what really adds flavour to such occasions is food. Traditional food characterised my childhood memories of all festivals celebrated by the family. Wearing the then fashionable middies, pedal push, baggies, jeans with matching shirts, frilly frocks you name it, I have distinctive recollections of running around... Continue Reading →

Commercialisation of Xmas

Last weekend I was dropped off at Macarthur Square shopping centre by Clinton's Toyota to alleviate the boredom of having to wait for hours meticulously at the dealer's while my car was being serviced. A free service that every customer leapt at without the slightest reluctance, especially when the offer was backed up by a... Continue Reading →

Magic in the air!

The tradition of Christmas trees, which commenced thousands of years ago, have been revived year after year by Christians all over the world as the tree has gained the status of a  symbol; a symbol of an existing relationship between homo sapiens and the Almighty. While information about when  fir trees, that were used by Romans... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Karen Yager

A week ago, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the 2017 English Teacher's Association Annual conference with emphasis on 'Reimagining English'. Such occasions are usually jam-packed with sessions on stage appropriate  subject relevant contents with the right mix of innovative approach and digital revolution required to sustain the interest of... Continue Reading →

A Sea Change in Indian celluloid

My recent addiction to Hindi movies on Netflix stems from its ability to surprise me as it challenges stereotypical notions or preconceptions.  Predictable scenarios, irrelevant emotional-laden scenes and fairy-tale ending culminating in an extravagant wedding have gone with the wind. This afternoon I was viewing 'Jab Harry met Sejal' when I realised that, unlike Hindi... Continue Reading →

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