The Raving Indian Next Door

Loud speaker, boisterous, madwoman, unprofessional, uncultured, uncouth so and so forth. The raving Indian is described by different people in different ways using a plethora of adjectives and nouns found in the dictionary. Passers by and neighbours are usually amused at the varied discussions in high decibels, the myriad swear words uttered during heated exchanges,... Continue Reading →

How was your Christmas?

My recent move to a suburb called Wetherill Park was the reason behind attending a catholic shrine in the suburb for Holy Masses. I am not an expert at identifying accents, however, I gathered that the different accent the priests had accounted for their Italian origin as the population comprises of Aussies, English, Italians predominantly... Continue Reading →

Eulogy to My Niece

I first met my niece when she was going through the phase of terrible two. Stubborn, queen of tantrums, a slave to spices yet dynamic and intelligent to acknowledge the power hierarchies. Her father, my brother, was no longer the hero in her life. She could feel the power exuding from me so much so... Continue Reading →

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