Writing is therapeutic!

Being an author who has authored two books, I can vouch for the fact that writing definitely has healing powers, especially when the written content is autobiographical. This exercise or therapy has been used by some psychiatrists to heal victims of trauma. We all know that trauma is a highly stressful event and that a... Continue Reading →

My Quotes – The Aeon of Improbable Scams

The hustle and bustle of the city, the sizzling traffic, the magical aura of expectation-laden evenings, the trance of seductive lights and the company of spirited and vibrant people always intoxicated Ashley. Successful at twenty-eight, employed in one of the reputed television news broadcasting companies, Parker Broadcasting Systems, the findings of her investigative journalism were... Continue Reading →

Developing the nerve to say ‘No’

Negation is an acquired skill and has the reputation of being slow in acquisition. Our experiences teach us that magnanimity at all times could prove disadvantageous and hence shape us into willing beings to say 'Nay' if the situation demands. A skill that comes to us only with growth and maturation; a skill that warns... Continue Reading →

Higher Aspirations Lead to Crowning Glory

Adolescent years are the best to cherish as these years are sweet and at the same time filled with aches of all sorts. During these difficult teenage years, many of us experience romance, true friendship, what it is to be popular, academic and sporting achievements, heart breaks, relationships - some of which we cherish lifelong... Continue Reading →

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