Pen is mightier than the tongue!

  Accents, mispronunciation and lack of eloquence have led people to underestimate the writing proficiency of Indians. It would be a shocking surprise for biased and prejudiced communities labouring under such illusions to learn that Indians being shortlisted or winning the Booker-McConnell Prize commonly known as the Booker Prize is not an unusual phenomenon. Few renowned... Continue Reading →

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

Being of Indian origin, I have borne the brunt of ridicule and have had to cop nasty comments of all sorts including those that undermine an individual's physical beauty and appearance. With the intention of challenging stereotypical notions entertained by the ignoramus, I embarked on an investigation to decipher where Indians stood on the international... Continue Reading →

Heaven or Haven?

Affluence in all its extravaganza finds expression in the dwellings of celebrities, jewellers and the elite. Palatial edifices replacing humble abodes is becoming the norm and is a trend that is rampant. Golden chambers, 3D effects, expanses transformed miraculously into 'Raj Darbars', cascading drapes studded with precious stones, modern and antique furnishings claiming their pristine... Continue Reading →

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