Netflix – not just a source of entertainment

Indian English TV series aimed at international audience is carving a niche for itself in the world of TV shows. Filmed in different parts of the world, the aim of these TV shows is to entertain varied audience with good story telling techniques. Although critical about family members, especially women neglecting domestic chores and other... Continue Reading →

A drowning man catches at a straw

With the International Labor Organization’s estimation of 25 million people becoming unemployed from the impact of COVID 19, most countries in the world prepared themselves to lend a helping hand to the unemployed. Each country had its own unemployment allowances in place to support the people through this difficult phase. Choosing the path of early... Continue Reading →

A unique product identifier

International Standard Book Number has begun to mean a lot to me ever since I commenced my authoring and publishing career. I have used ISBN numbers before to search for my books on the internet and on top 20 online book retailers’ websites. Other than that, I had not given any thought to it until... Continue Reading →

A Logical Fallacy?

After a rather teary emotional outburst on sighting a National Police check certificate, in between sips of wine and take away food from SpiceZone, which I am not sure is fit for the kings but it is called Maharajah thaali, I gave vent to all the pent up rage, frustration and disappointment, and due to... Continue Reading →

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