Misfortunes Come Together

I celebrated the closure of my personal loan too quick for which I had exhausted my little savings left after my usual expenditures. If I had known what lay in store for me, I would have been prudential. A throbbing ache in my leg, other physical ailments, my car battery’s failure to kick start and... Continue Reading →

Spirit Sabotaged by Saboteurs

I almost lost my sanity during the 'end-of-the-school-year' six weeks holidays due to thievery of all sorts by cyber criminals, who were using a malicious software called malware or so as I was told by a few geeks whom I had contacted for support. You could call it a period of constant  harassment, during which,... Continue Reading →

Valentine Day Highlights

2019 Lover's Day (as it is widely known) Returning from workplace fraught and exhausted, I did not have the mood or the mind to wish others a Valentine's Day or post wishes to all on social networking websites. Don't get me wrong. It's not because I am not in a love relationship or am hurting,... Continue Reading →

A Migrant’s Token Gesture

Initial struggles of migrants are not unknown to the public. Armed with educational qualifications from overseas, a heart full of dreams and determination, migrants arrive on foreign soil to create an identity of their own. Sixteen years ago, I was one of them. Setting foot on Sydney soil also known as the Land of Opportunity,... Continue Reading →

Creation – An Euphoric Moment

Bringing something to life or into existence is a self-transcendent venture. Creation is synonymous with self-transcendence as both revolve around the notion of personal progress. No matter what the field is or whether the feat achieved is small or large scale it is an individual’s attempt to construct, invent or achieve something better than his... Continue Reading →

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