The Wellness Is In the Well-being

As hundreds and thousands suffer from work related stress in contemporary society, there is much focus on staff well being nowadays. While professionalism has been emphasised in every field, unprofessional conduct from staff or clients and sometimes from both contribute to high levels of stress for the victimised. Challenging behavioural patterns from male and female... Continue Reading →

Conversations with Virtual Assistants? Hitting your head against a wall? Perfect Indeed! Freedom of expression means nothing to the Virtual Assistant. Unless you learn to speak an alien language your chances of success with the Virtual Assistants are very remote. Learning to communicate with Virtual Assistants is a special skill. Entrepreneurs or business owners who use Virtual Assistants on a regular basis to save... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Maternal Uncle Davis

Not a month ago I was warned that my maternal uncle's days were numbered however, as the family had decided to hide the information from him to ensure his happiness till he breathed his last I curtailed myself from calling him as any unexpected phone calls from me could have roused his suspicion. The following... Continue Reading →

Lost, stolen or damaged?

Paranoia seizes you in that moment of realisation. Something you used to own or possess has disappeared. Paralysed, you are no longer capable of movement. Even if you are capable of mobility, your mind struggles to concentrate as it is in the grip of fear. You curse yourself for your carelessness; for not being vigilant.... Continue Reading →

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