Patriotism on Foreign Lands

"If you love your country you should have stayed back and served your people." Innumerable people settled in foreign countries would have heard the above mentioned declarative statement at some point in their lives. Recently, during a heated argument about which country (country of origin or the country where one acquires citizenship by birth or... Continue Reading →

Myth-busters: Years at University are Inversely Proportional to Pay Scales

Like any other immigrant from a developing country, I was conditioned to believe that education qualifications are the only gateways to success, economic independence and prosperity. White collar jobs earned you the respect of the community, comforts, professional networks, status and marriage proposals from affluent families irrespective of your gender. Labourers were associated with low... Continue Reading →

It is Expensive to Die!

For as much as it has pleased our Heavenly Father in His wise providence to take unto Himself our beloved dead, we therefore commit his or her body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, looking for the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God in our... Continue Reading →

Possessiveness often misinterpreted as love

Ever since I entered the threshold of adolescence, whether I had been in puppy love, also widely known as infatuation, or in relationships I had always heard stories of possessiveness of local Romeos and Juliets. I had heard boyfriends and girlfriends tell their mates how  possessive their partners were. They declared it as though it... Continue Reading →

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