The customer is always right!

How many of you have had the experience of placing an order at a fast food centre and have found the wrong order in a paper bag or items missing on reaching home? Sometimes it could be the sauce or small fries or hash browns. I am finding it very hard to recover from one... Continue Reading →

Tricky questions

As an educator I have often felt tongue tied when students pose questions such as 'Why are we learning this? How is this useful? What if I am in some other profession and do not use what we are learning now?  The whole idea of connectedness to real life is severely challenged on such occasions.... Continue Reading →

Alleluia, Alleluia

I am not a regular church goer but when I get bogged down by guilt about having been sinful or remind myself about my upbringing which emphasised on the need to visit God's House every Sunday, I make it a point to wear dresses that fit into the category of church going clothes even though... Continue Reading →

Morning Tea is an occasion where people come together, share ideas, stories, anecdotes over a cup of tea and a plate of delectable delicacies and pastries. At my workplace, we all look forward to the pay week Friday for our morning tea, an occasion when sometimes important announcements are made or information is imparted. As... Continue Reading →

Mob Tendencies

When we are critical about others' practices little do we realise that there are occasions when we are guilty of the same practices. I always prided myself on being individualistic and a non-conformist who did not do anything to fit in with mediocrity. Yet the other day, when I stepped out of my humble abode... Continue Reading →

Boisterous isn’t too bad!

I am born with a naturally booming voice which becomes louder when I'm excited, emotional or passionate about the subject I am engrossed with. Manipulative people or misguided mob, in the past, failing to comprehend the scientific and social reasons behind a loud voice, have tried to cause me much embarrassment by linking it with... Continue Reading →

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