“Then approached the inauspicious day when Fate rolled the dice and Deception danced stealthily in the dead of the night.” —Neetha Joseph


      1. That’s so sweet of you
        The caretaker could not find it as it was already in the box.
        Read the cover. My salute!
        Will come back after reading 👍


  1. Now where are you with the book? To begin with I will be sending the kindle edition to a few friends. And I may send the paperback to a reviewer friend. Permission to do so please

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      1. Neetha, if you’re on Facebook, check on group ‘Digital Reads Alcove’ . This is a growing group of authors etc and promoted by the reviewer friend I wrote about. Please join, it will be good.
        You are a very good writer and these are the little things I want to do to promote your book and get the required attention


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