Insolence in the name of technological advancement?

There are occasions when catch-up sessions, after a prolonged period of lack of communication, are looked forward to. However, certain misguided individuals instead of seizing the opportunity to renew ties prefer to act pompous. There is always a predictability to the patterns displayed by Mr/Ms. Presumptuous. It being the digital age and all, I can fully comprehend why one would choose the mobile phone, the most convenient and indispensable device, as a tool to be insolent towards antediluvian people like me who still have not lost faith in down-to- earth face to face interactions. It usually commences with an impulsive need to pick up the phone and browsing through apps. This need then, with the speed of the wind, would gain a sense of immediacy where upon Mr/MS. Presumptuous would make unconvincing excuses about having to take a call or text to a family member to check on his/her welfare. Leaving me in the middle of an interesting development that I am so willing to share, Mr/Ms. Presumptuous walks few paces away from where I am seated and comes back twenty minutes later only to steer the conversation away to a subject that he/she fancies. To me this is an unpardonable offense as not only do I have to share my topic of interest with an unwilling listener but am also deprived of the chance to finish the sentence that I had begun in earnest. Civility demands that I mask my rage, paste an artificial smile on my face and pretend to be interested in the subject that Mr/Ms. Presumptuous has so thoughtlessly selected to ramble on. A feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment engulfs me which I am unable to dispense try as I might. I wait patiently for my turn to continue my topic from where I left off and when I eventually see the occasion come my way, Mr/Ms. Presumptuous recovers from amnesia and explains in a domineering manner that she must access an expedient document at that very moment. In my imagination, I visualise a million ways in which I can avenge that moment of humiliation, myriad ways in which I can torture Mr/Ms. Presumptuous and a thousand reasons why I am justified in feeling that way. The present is hardly significant and human beings don’t matter anymore.  What matters is a piece of invention made by the homo sapiens. Do I call this an evil necessity of modernisation or privileges of living in a digital age or sheer insolence?    



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