A Walk Down Memory’s Lane

When a bundle of joy was born my carefree days were over. There were days when my concerns revolved around appearances, flawless skin, popularity, friends etc. Delicious food, complacent and relaxed life style, a convenient relationship, forgiving and tolerant parents, and a growing career were a few of the luxuries I was accustomed to.

When I crossed the threshold of a dutiful wife and entered the realm of motherhood, I had no time to be vain. Unconsciously I drifted towards a selfless world where every decision I took revolved around my child and appearances did not matter to me. Sleepless nights, tired days, warm moments with the new born child in my arms, familiarising with formula drink times, food preparation routines and bubbly, gurgly bedtime baby bathing evenings became the norm.

Years flew and I cruised through the different phases of my son’s life. I wondered if the terrible two was challenging to cope or the rebellious teenager stage, as he prefers to defy rules and regulations because he could not be bothered. Education became secondary in importance whereas his frivolous pursuits gained primary significance. He became Mr “I have an opinion about everything”. His attitude did not only infuriate me but also forced me to ruminate on ‘what on earth’ made me choose motherhood. Then when hell was about to let loose, he would ask me, feigning innocence, how my life would have been without him in it. He would point out that I would have no one to laugh, cuddle, share, rant and rave about innumerable issues and unleash my wrath upon. Rendered speechless, not knowing how to react to his logical reasoning, I had mused about a few revolutionary strategies I would have to adopt to gain an upper hand over his defiance.

He had a point. Consoling myself that things would improve with the passage of time, I proceeded with my domestic chores.

This mother’s day I took the photo albums and flicked through it. It reminded me of the joys I experienced in his company and decided to cherish those memories. It is an undeniable truth that my son has added a purpose or a meaning to my life which could have been directionless. I collected a few fond photos and created a video to commemorate this occasion. Happy Mother’s Day, every day, to all the mothers out there.

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