Age with Dignity

The clock struck twelve. Ready to dig into a caramel flavoured sponged cake, I advanced towards the coffee table in the living room when I heard my only offspring yell out for the nth time “Happy Birthday to you…” and he added that I had turned 46 years old and was running on 47 .  If you’re wondering why he was up at 12:00 am in the it was because school and TAFE holidays have commenced, and we are nocturnal beings now who stay active during the night and retire only when the first rays of light hit the earth. I just laughed and told my son that I had become older by one year and was not sure if it was an occasion to celebrate. He nodded understandingly but still thought we needed to celebrate the occasion.

It had been a tumultuous and emotional year for me and cruising through uncertainties and unpredictable situations in life, I reconsidered my choices and decisions and thought it was suicidal to do anything else other than listen to the dictates of my heart. Courting eccentricities and tantrums, I battled with disappointments, frustrations and challenging situations daily. Retrospectively, I had always stood by my decisions or choices whether good or bad, whether supported or abandoned. I preferred to age with dignity rather than drink the elixir of life to attain perpetual youth or immortality. When I gaze at my reflection in the mirror and notice the grey roots (warning me that it was time to colour my hair), I realise that I am looking at the signs of wisdom. Entertaining no regrets whatsoever about life’s previous occurrences and celebrating my achievements and accomplishments, I was eager to combat with unknown with renewed energy. Fortunately, there are many like me who feel age is just a number and that spirits are young. Don’t agree with me? Watch the TED talk below and you will be transformed instantaneously.

I am no longer the same woman I used to me and it’s for the better. I am more determined than ever to lay down the rules when it comes to aspects of life. I refuse to be vanquished and will not give up any of my pursuits as my life is all about me and what I want. I am wise enough to know to what parameters I should attach significance. If you think I have renounced life, think again, I am more daring than ever. As nothing is permanent and everything is subjected to change, I am waiting with outstretched arms to embrace change. I cannot be more in consensus with my son about the day being festive enough to celebrate. Happy Birthday to Me!

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