After publishing my debut novel ‘Pneuma’ my research on mind control did not come to a standstill. My used-to-be-hectic schedules or my indecisiveness about future actions could have been the reason for the intermittent research on the topic. However, I never failed to investigate about the obstacles I could place in the pathway of these fearless harassers who confident of the victim’s inability to expose them continued with the torture mechanisms using sound relentlessly. After moving to Mount Druitt, sensing disturbances on my computer and irked in myriad ways by interferences of all sorts, I approached the police station to file a report for my own protection in case any unknown issues such as unfair accusations were made by vanquished parties in future. Besides computer hacking, I thought I should bring the attention of brain hacking to the police and send a communication to that effect asking for the whereabouts of radio frequency devices that could enable a victim to confirm the voice intrusions.

Recently my choice of search language or search words, ‘voice to skull electromagnetic waves’ fetched me a confidential report titled ‘Inputs for psychosocial dynamics conducive to torture and ill-treatment report’ which left me speechless. Targeted individuals’ eyes were used as cameras and hence if a TI, before showering or after showering’ stood nude in front of a mirror, the reflection could be viewed by the tracker’s brains or is recorded on the tracker’s computer. I am not sure about the clarity of the image or video. The report also confirmed that the innermost thoughts of the TI could “be read as clearly as one reads a newspaper” by the harasser on his screen. A prepared script based on previous conversations or reading of thoughts is often used as a weapon or tool to interfere with their normal thinking and routines and to prevent them from completing their set work or tasks. Beaming voices into skulls of the Tis when they are talking to other people to convey the impression that their concentration is short lived or are mentally ill has been touched upon in the report. EEG Heterodyning or the technology of mixing their voices with the impersonation of close relatives’ voices and then sending it to the TI’s skull is used as a strategy by the harassers to control the victim’s minds. To study the victims better and to achieve the desired effect, the neuro programmers or operators brainwash the TIs to stay at home and never leave the safety of home thereby contributing to removing TIs from workforce and to health issues such as memory loss, pressure fluctuations, cardiac related issues, sleep deprivation etc. Hence this torture program is also called as “slow kill” or “no touch soft kill”.


Should the experts or concerned authorities give importance to sound technologies that are used more for torture programs and mind control than for achieving positive results for employing it in productive projects? The video uploaded by the Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment group or OSEH ascertains that mind controlling via voice to skull electromagnetic waves exists and that the countless research material available on scholarly databases makes it impossible for doctors to wrongly diagnose TIs as mental patients.

Spyware and Malware have become archaic terms as we have been hearing it for decades when compared to the new ones, however the technology used to send voice to skulls is called NWO Tortureware and probably has many other names of which I am clueless (https://youtu.be/7x37Kd1sK1c). This US born technology has been shipped to countries like India and Thailand and have been used to torture people living in these countries for more than fifteen years now, with a high success rate. Through the TIs, records that belong to them or to others (????) could be tampered and individuals could suffer losses due to the changed or modified details. I am not sure if nearby satellites can be controlled using the nearby TIs, however we cannot overlook the name ‘satellite terrorism’ given to this technology.

Do the victims or TIs have to live in houses with MIL shields to ward off the bio or neuro/electromagnetic attacks? Do TIs have to surround ourselves with metal sheets or metal foam to lead normal lives in a perp free zone?

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