Beautiful Beast that Symbolizes Power and Universal Freedom

Annually, my efforts to professionally develop myself as an educator take me to a very picturesque venue, which is a feast for the eyes. Despite the busy schedule on those days, I always make it a point to find time to drink in the beauty of this mesmerizing locale. Through the glass walls, my eyes willingly scan the racecourse and gasp with pleasure at the sight of its visually appealing green turf tracks bordered with white safety fence, the grandstand, an impressive array of dark green benches, a concrete pathway decked carelessly with a few plastic round tables with matching circular stools and chairs that are shaded by both plain and colourful outdoor umbrellas and the well-maintained grounds. Serenity reigns over the place asserting her supremacy proudly .


She retreats with magnanimity only on race days when the majestic beasts known universally for its power and free spirit are brought to the ground. A silent observer among the spectators, she watches the spectacle unfold before her. She is surprised to see the throng and is slightly distracted when loud announcements ring through the racecourse which draws more people to the grandstand. She wonders why the animals are lined at the starting gate and surveys the procedures with interest. Owners eye the jockeys who are focused, and punters place their bets. Bells ring and the tracks are miraculously transformed into an action-packed arena with the horses speeding off to the finish line. Serenity gasps for breath like other passionate fans of horse racing and decides to find out if the wheels of fortune would favour her on that eventful day by placing her bet on a horse that she fancied. Amidst cheers and loud calls, Serenity watches the scene tensely. The bent bodies of the jockeys riding on the muscular brown and black machines of muscle power hold the crowd under a spell. They do not take their eyes off the finish line and Serenity’s intuition that Beidi would be the winner turns right. Serenity smiles knowingly as betters celebrate their wins. 

Although not a fan of gambling or betting, I am unconsciously drawn into this racy magical moment. 


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  1. Interesting and beautiful writing Neetha. I was a gambler in Calcutta Turf Club but stopped after marriage.
    Also when I was with standard chartered bank in Hong Kong, our customers used to bet heavily on the Melbourne races. I remember reading that those offshore betting used to match the betting in Australia.
    By the way I would like to hear from you about my review of your book. Sorry about the huge delay.
    You can tell me about it on my whatsapp +91 9400056031 or e-mail
    Whatsapp preferred


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