Life is Still Beautiful!

We are not unfamiliar with the notion that art and literature of a period reflects the characteristics of the age during which it was created or composed.  With the advent of the pandemic, creative people shouldered with the responsibility of presenting the manifestations of truth to their responders have not shied away from capturing the impact of corona virus on people of different nationalities with realism.

Public response to the contagious diseases, co-operation, and adoption of precautionary measures to curtail the viruses rapid spread, acceptance of the changes to their accustomed lifestyle, usage of shared platforms to work from home etc. have been depicted in their compositions. Despite all odds, people have learnt to embrace change and move on with their normal lives and their usual pursuits.  

Despite the compulsion to adhere to the social/physical distancing, masks, sanitizers etc. more and more people are daring to venture outdoor from their confinements. Virtual parties are not much sought after which are being substituted with energetic parties. Public transport does not look less populated confirming life’s return to normalcy. Existing relationships are flourishing, and new ones are blossoming. Creative people express their perspectives in ever so many ingenious ways through their work. Wondering about the catalyst that triggered their thoughts? Check this video out!

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