sjm records and its relevance

A chance discovery of  a research project advertised by Sydney Jewish Museum influence me to use my wings of imagination to explore the inexhaustible range of supposedly interesting and novel topics that could not only be beneficial to posterity but could also be instrumental in routing the $10,000 fund for the project. I dissuaded myself from choosing any subject that revolved around the museum’s societal benefits however ended up choosing record keeping which had strong leanings towards historical significance than social advantageousness. I wondered if an overdose of Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia courses caused the unusual selection of topic. On second thoughts, I congratulated myself for choosing the topic as overlooking its relevance was impossible.

Renowned for its collection of holocaust survivors, their stories, photographs, belongings etc, Sydney Jewish Museum is pivotal for records; records that people of strong disposition have created about their experiences at crucial stages of their lives and in different places such as concentration camps; records that shine through the clouds of disbelief which cast a shadow over the contemporary compelling the non-believers to acknowledge the atrocities committed against the Jewish race, excluding the termination of six million Jews also known as Holocaust, as the emphasis is on the fortunate survivors who are living amongst us and whose heart wrenching or sorrow laden tales of loss and traumatic experiences cannot be ignored.

Collections with dates, years, numbers, places, events etc are records with unique significance which by its sheer existence warn future generations about the calamities that could unfold because of racial superiority over the so called “racially inferior”. Holocaust records whisper about the human tendency to indulge in pillage and destruction of property and lives when in panic mode. The precious and priceless records provide our descendants a glimpse into the 1940’s lifestyle, both prosperous and impoverished, and enables them to envision the differences between the former and the current progressive and advanced society they are a part of.

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