A Rocky Start?

A sea of faces sparkling with enthusiasm and brimming with happiness whilst greeting friends and chattering about varied holiday experiences reluctantly  preparing themselves for the commencement of yet another academic year. I merged with the group noiselessly noticed by a few and unnoticed by many. Few furtive glances at the gathering made me wonder if  living in the epoch of hominids when Neanderthals were one with nature, professional development would have mattered. Modern day accomplishments and progress bear a testimony to the fact that man has always courted development; has always pursued perfection in all walks of life and has always achieved the incredible. Realising the meaninglessness of such futile thoughts, I sighed with resignation coercing myself to concentrate on the scheduled events of the day.

Seconds elapsed into minutes and minutes slid into an hour. I sat engulfed in a whirlpool of words that were germane to the education system, most of which made sense but not interesting enough to stop me from woolgathering. Halfway into the Secretary of Education’s  webinar, I remembered a hundred things that I had forgotten to do and when I tried to reach out for the phone I felt the speaker’s eyes bore holes through, probably because of the eye level camera angle. Each time I ventured to obey the dictates of my mind, I felt a pair of eyes search my soul. I was trounced and eventually when I decided to curtail my rebellious spirit, a small voice at the back of my head reminded me of the agonising pain experienced by students when teachers who are strict disciplinarians kill their spirit with rules. Poetic justice reigns.

prof dev

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